Styling for Living

Staging for Living - Basement-w1500-h1500

From storage solutions to style makeovers, TOTAL REFRESH guides you in transforming your personal sanctuary. Whether you are seeking zen-like tranquillity, bold theatricality, or eclectic mix and match, we bring your spaces to life with strategic placement, scale, contrast, colour, texture, and lighting.

The dictum “less is more” means you won’t be featured on an upcoming reality show about hoarders. Let us take the chore out of de-cluttering: we analyze your storage needs and help you make the most of your kitchen, bathroom, workspace and garage through beautiful and efficient solutions.

Then, get creative and think like a curator by taking a fresh look at your most treasured collections as the inspiration for personalizing your spaces. Or let us help you find that unique item that transforms ordinary into extraordinary. We work with you room by room to maximize space and flow, refresh colour palettes and update furniture and accessories. We develop and supervise project plans to minimize disruption and many makeovers can be completed in as little as a single day.

If your office or store needs a makeover, ask about our corporate and retail design planning to create memorable spaces for your clients and customers.