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10 Reasons to hire a Professional Stager

Total Refresh Home Staging from Now to WOW
has staged 500+ homes in
Ottawa and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Are you a Realtor?

We save Realtors time and energy.

Lucie and her team are adept at helping sellers deal with sensitive issues than can be an obstacle to a successful sale.

Our track record of success lies in our market credibility. We are convincing at tactfully helping sellers understand what modifications need to be made, why they are required, and the benefits they will deliver. This helps both the seller and the agent achieve a win-win outcome.


10. We know staged homes sell quicker and at a premium price

500 homes professionally staged: Sold for 10% OR MORE over their unstaged neighbours home

9. Staging costs less than a price reduction

100% return on investment: When the seller spends an average of 1% of their home value on home staging

8. Staged homes sell faster

Professional staged homes: Spend 70% less time on the market

7. Potential buyers pay more for a move-in ready home

80% of home buyers: It’s easier to visualize the STAGED property as their future home minutes after walking in

6. Online home photos stand-out

98% of buyers: Look at photos of their future home online BEFORE they call an agent or visit the home

5. The home seller needs an objective opinion

Most sellers do not have real estate knowledge or experience: A home stager prepares and educates the seller for an effective sale

4. Overlook home “flaws”

⅓ of buyers:  Overlook property flaws when a home is professionally staged

3. You can relax

Worry Free Staging: As an agent, you can sell with peace of mind and the satisfaction knowing the home you are selling will look better and sell quicker vs your competition down the street

2. Staging is a critical component to close a sale

Staging a home: TOP TWO necessities for Real estate experts to sell effectively

1. NOT staging helps to sell your competition

Ottawa is a growing and competitive real estate market. Buyers are demanding and adding pressure on agents to sell their homes faster and for more money. Without a strong listing, agents can’t drive buyer traffic to the home and won’t bring in multiple offers.


Styled, Staged & $old

Successful agents know that the key to competing is professional staging.

STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION WITH Total Refresh Home Staging from Now to WOW!